Supply the double system coaxial heat exchanger

This type of heat exchangers for the coaxial sleeve, is a change in its structure, heat exchanger: the inner tube is a copper tube, the outer tube of 10# steel pipe, system for dual system,
1 Jiangsu Weiyi coaxial heat exchanger with coaxial helical surface, structure optimization of the tube; increasing the length of the unit surface area of metal pipe to optimize the surface structure of metal tube.
2 because of the coaxial spiral tube structure, water side and the fluorine side at the same time spiral turbulence strongly on both sides at the same time, enhanced heat transfer, greatly improves the heat transfer efficiency;
3 because the water side of the larger diameter, water requirement is not high;
4 because the water side has a spiral turbulence is strong, the water side is not easy to scale.
5 because of heat exchanger pipe for the whole structure, ensuring that there are no possibility of inner leakage.
6 to ensure that the inner tube in without deformation and deformation for a variety of shape space saving;
7 inner tubes and system interface connection convenient and simple czech;
The 8 heat exchanger cost-effective.
The material diversification, commonly used are copper, copper nickel alloy, aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, carbon steel;   Copyright All Rights Reserved Weal Yield (Jiangsu) Heat Exchanger Co., Ltd
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