The supply of marine heat exchanger for air conditioning, ice making machine

This type of heat exchangers for the coaxial, casing for a heat exchanger, in its structure: the inner tube is Alpaka tube, outer tube for 10# steel
Shape: round, square shape can be processed, oval, can also be produced according to customer requirements.
1 marine air conditioning, because of copper - nickel corrosion resistance strong, for air conditioning effectively resist corrosion in seawater salinity on the heat exchanger by boat, prolong the service life of the heat exchanger, and the maintenance cost in use less, it also has the advantages of small size, the advantages of large heat capacity change
2 ice machine, ice machine, ice cream machine because of its working temperature is low, the use of ordinary heat exchanger is prone to icing problems caused by leakage and so on, at the same time as the refrigerant corrosive to metal, nickel and copper corrosion ability, can prevent leakage of refrigeration system.   Copyright All Rights Reserved Weal Yield (Jiangsu) Heat Exchanger Co., Ltd
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