Supply of shell and tube heat exchanger (seafood machine, swimming pool)

Jiangsu Weiyi coaxial heat exchanger Co. Ltd is a professional design and production of heat exchanger, the heat exchanger tube for pure titanium tube. Mainly used for swimming pool machine, seafood machine, and other special refrigeration applications
Structure: the inner tube is a pure titanium tube, the outer tube of 10# steel.
Usage: 1, the pool of machine, because the pool with chlorine disinfection, chlorine ion and chlorine gas generated strong corrosive in the reaction of water with water, the ordinary heat exchanger can not resist the corrosion of the refrigeration system and the leakage of titanium, strong corrosion resistance, effectively improve the safety of the system the.
2, seafood machine, bathing beach, aquarium equipment, because of chloride ion in the presence of large seawater, the corrosion of chlorine ion, the ordinary heat exchanger can not meet the demand, titanium heat exchanger effectively solves the corrosion problem, and maintenance in use cost less, it also has the advantages of small size, the advantages of large heat capacity change. Coaxial with titanium heat exchanger can also be used in laser machine, fish tank, truck, container, vessel heating equipment.
3, the engine cooling system, the corrosion protection for the main purpose of the field, such as the utilization of seawater and surface treatment industry, cooling system, rolling, wire drawing machine, water pump, motor and other equipment, the field of environmental protection (such as waste gas condensate recycling, pollutant recovery etc.), in addition, using titanium metal ions do not lose this one characteristic, titanium heat exchanger is suitable for electroplated, food, distilled water, pure water, brewing, beer, beverage, soilless cultivation, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industry.   Copyright All Rights Reserved Weal Yield (Jiangsu) Heat Exchanger Co., Ltd
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