Double wall coaxial heat exchanger, tube heat exchanger, tube heat exchanger with double inside

Jiangsu Weiyi heat exchanger Co. Ltd. is a professional production and sales of heat exchanger of the enterprise, including the brazed plate heat exchangers, detachable plate type heat exchanger and a coaxial pipe heat exchanger. Double wall coaxial heat exchanger tube is a double-layer copper. The inner tube adopts a double spiral pipe together, can prevent the heat exchanger tube has the leakage, to participate in the two medium heat exchange anti channeling, occurrence of cross contamination, improves the safety of heat exchange. Mainly used for: 1 living water heaters, water heaters are directly related to human health and life, if there is a leakage of heat exchanger, the refrigerant and compressor lubricating oil into the water, was drinking or bathing hazards to human health. The double wall coaxial heat exchanger to effectively improve the safety of the water heater life. 2 for transformer oil cooling, heating, cooling, drinking chemical, chemical, biological food, medicine and other special heat exchange unit. Welcome to inquire!   Copyright All Rights Reserved Weal Yield (Jiangsu) Heat Exchanger Co., Ltd
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