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ADD£ºChengzhong village, Picheng town, Danyang city , Jiangsu, P.R. China
Contact Person £ºMiss Dai

Weal Yield(Jiangsu) heat-exchanger Co,. Ltd was built in Picheng town, Danyang city jiangsu province, and is a professional manufacturer in brazed plate heat exchanger. Weal Yield(jiangsu) takes great advantage of its conve-nient transportation network, it is located in changjiang economic developing zone, nearby Huning highway, with Changjiang Dagang port in the north.
Weal Yield is in possession of specialized equipments such as vacuum furnance, leak tester and have the refrigeration industrial professionals devoted for it. Those make Weal Yield in a leading position in the tooling design and beat exchanger design. Weal Yield's mission is “We're the best in the class, our brand is the most famous national enterprise brand”. Weal Yield's developing strategy is “Motivate the internal culture, explore external market”. Weal Yield's operation philosophy is “ Respect everyone. Provide high quality service, pursue excellent performance”. Weal Yield has paved a rapid developing road to......

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